Currency: CAD ($)   Each piece is created with love by Alasha Lantinga in her home studio in Calgary, AB Canada.

BREE Necklace


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The Bree Necklace
Bree means "power & strength." I feel this necklace exudes those qualities, and I'd like the wearer to feel their power & strength while wearing this necklace.

A very large and powerful statement piece featuring a stunning deep ocean blue kyanite with glistening flecks of black mica. Held with a wide strip of fine silver suspended between two fine silver rings. This piece is made with a lot of silver! You can request this pendant with or without the beautiful sterling silver disc chain.

Kyanite - Brings immediate calmness and tranquility by balancing the nervous system and aligning the chakras. It is a highly protective and healing stone, enhances one's psychic abilities, promotes a restful sleep and opens and activates the throat chakra.

Each piece is made in my home studio in Calgary, AB, Canada.

(If you'd like to see a video clip of this piece, head to my IG page @alasha_lantinga_jewelry)