Frequently Asked Questions

Do you replace lost earrings?

Alasha Lantinga will glady replace a lost earring. Please send her a message with a picture of its mate and if the supplies are available Alasha will replace the lost earring. Please note an exact match may not be possible.

What is your repair policy?

Alasha Lantinga will gladly repair any piece that has broken through regular wear. Depending on the piece and the repair required, repair fees may apply. Please send Alasha a message detailing the repair needed. Pictures are always helpful.

Is there nickel in your metal clay pieces?

No, there is no nickel in the metal clay pieces. The bronze metal consists of copper and tin. The fine silver metal consists of 99.99% silver.

What are the ear hooks made of?

The silver hooks are Sterling Silver. The bronze hooks are either Brass, Gold-Plated Brass or Gold-Filled.

What is the difference between Fine Silver and Sterling Silver?

Fine Silver is a pure form of silver, consisting of 99.999% silver.  Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver (.925) with the remaining percentage consisting of other metals, usually copper. Fine Silver does not tarnish as quickly as Sterling Silver.

How do I clean my Bronze and Silver Jewelry?

Both Bronze and Silver will naturally darken/oxidize over time. To prevent oxidation, store your jewelry in a sealed plastic bag. To polish and remove oxidation a polishing cloth or pad works best. You can use a liquid jewelry cleaner for silver, but do not use it on pieces that are antiqued as it will remove the black antiqued look. Just use a cloth for those pieces.

Are the pieces clay or metal?

All of the Metal Clay pieces are now Solid Metal. Please see About Metal Clay for more information.

Will the Patina come off of the Bronze Patina Jewelry?

No, the patina will not come off with normal wear.

Can a piece from your shop be customized?

Yes. Please send Alasha an email including a link to the item you would like customized and what you would like done. She will then let you know if it is possible and any additional costs.