Currency: CAD ($)   Each piece is created with love by Alasha Lantinga in her home studio in Calgary, AB Canada.

The SARITA Necklace


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The Sarita Necklace
~ Sarita means "river" in India.

I feel like this pendant is celestial, as well as earthy and of course encompassing the energy of water at the same time.

One-of-a-kind ocean blue raw aquamarine gem, wrapped in sterling silver, with quartz point gemstone cluster on top, two fine silver flowers on each side and a very flashy labradorite set off side.

Aquamarine - a gentle and nurturing stone that promotes healing on an emotional and physical level while shielding the aura and aligning the chakras. It heightens intuition and invokes high states of consciousness and spiritual growth.

All of my pieces are lovingly made.  I infuse each piece with the energy of healing, inner peace/serenity and unconditional love. I can also customize the energy infusion for what you specifically need.

Each piece is made in my home studio in Calgary AB, Canada.

(To see a video clip of this pendant, please head to my IG @ alasha_lantinga_jewelry)