Currency: CAD ($)   Each piece is created with love by Alasha Lantinga in her home studio in Calgary, AB Canada.

ANTHEIA Necklace


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Antheia Necklace
~ Antheia was one of the Greek Graces, Goddesses, associated with flowers, gardens, blossoms, vegetation, as well as love.

This extra large stunning pendant features a huge high vibrational Lemurian Quartz on the bottom, wrapped with fine silver (.999) metal, adorned with flowers and leaves on the front and back, featuring a beautiful Amethyst druzy geode mined from Thunder Bay, Ontario, and finally with a stunning bi-color, purple & blue, fluorite gem on top.  All hanging from sterling silver rollo chain at 32 inches in length.  Or chain of your choice.  

An absolutely unique, stunning and eye-catching necklace!

Lemurian Quartz - An exceptionally high vibration stone. It is said to hold ancient wisdom from the lost civilization of Lemuria. It promotes healing on all levels, releases blockages, dissolves negativity, cleanses the energy system and renews the chakra system.

All of my jewelry is lovingly made.  I infuse each piece with the energy of healing, inner peace/serenity, and unconditional love. I can also customize the energy infusion for what you specifically need.

Each piece is handcrafted in my home studio in Calgary, AB, Canada.

(To see s short video clip of this necklace, please head over to my IG page @alasha_lantinga_jewelry - it will be uploaded shortly)