Currency: CAD ($)   Each piece is created with love by Alasha Lantinga in her home studio in Calgary, AB Canada.

IRIS Necklace - with Ethiopian Opal


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The Iris Necklace
~ I chose the name Iris because it means "rainbow" in Greek, to reflect the rainbow qualities of the Ethiopian Opal. 

This is a stunning necklace. The photos do not give the opals justice so please head over to my IG page to see a short video clip of the necklace. : )

The pendant features a large pink Lemurian Quartz natural point wrapped in fine silver metal with two blooming flowers. One flower has a beautiful pinky-peach-orange with some beautiful green rainbows Ethiopian Opal at it's center.  The other dew drop shape Ethiopian opal is set at the top of the pendant and this opal flashes in all stunning colors of red, orange, peach as well as green.  A beautiful combination to pair with the pink Lemurian Quartz. This pendant hangs from sterling silver chain measuring 32 inches in length. 

Pink Lemurian Quartz is strongly connected to the heart.  It tunes the heart to unconditional compassionate love, removes emotional and karmic debris, removes emotional ties and suffering, tuning the wearing to a higher vibrational state and allowing universal love to flow through. Lemurian Quartz is a master healer and can be used for any condition.

All of the jewelry is lovingly made.  I infuse each piece with the energy of healing, inner peace/serenity and unconditional love.  I can also customize the energy infusion to what you specifically need.

Each piece is handmade in my home studio in Calgary AB, Canada.

(To see a short video clip of this pendant, please head to my IG @alasha_lantinga_jewelry - it will be uploaded shortly)