Currency: CAD ($)   Each piece is created with love by Alasha Lantinga in her home studio in Calgary, AB Canada.

Large Sienna Necklace - Your Choice


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The Beautiful Sienna Necklace - medium size of the three.

This necklace is on SALE for 40% OFF the original price of $75!

Each necklace will come with the two layers of bronze, the smooth layer over top of the textured layer.  I left some off to fully show the textures. : )

This stunning necklace features a double layer slightly lopsided teardrop shape with a beautiful gemstone on top. This pendant measures approximately 2.75 inches tall from the top of the bail, and 1.5 inches wide. Your choice of gemstone and your choice of texture. A stunning statement necklace. The Sienna pendant hangs from antiqued bronze chain at approximately 32" in length.

Your choice of texture:
Top Left: Aztec
Top Middle: Fronds
Top Right: Lacey Swirl
Middle: Leaves
Bottom Left: Gingko
Bottom Middle: Lacey Swirl
Bottom Right: Swirly Tendrils

Your choice of Gemstone:
Amazonite (top left on side)
Aquamarine (middle blue gems on side)
Champagne Quartz

Each piece is handmade in my home studio in Calgary AB, Canada, and will ship within 7 to 10 business days.